I'm mad for her but why I'm not made fro her ? I'm mad for her but why I'm not made for her ?
Jun 28, 2010 1:11 PM
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meow ((( too bad ((( may be you should find another one?
June 28, 2010
StevenSteven: As I said, you are right. :) No one is disagreeing with you. I was only adding my perspective having lived in the US my entire life. :) "Mad for" is not exactly a phrase that is used here; "mad ABOUT" would be the correct phrase here in the US (but STILL not very common). "Mad" (meaning "crazy") is more commonly used in the UK and Australia, apparently. I think it is healthy for any language learner to know when and where to use certain terms. For example, with Spanish as a second language, I appreciate native Spanish speakers and teachers explaining the correct use of phrases in their particular country of origin. ****So, to sum it up, "I'm mad for her, but why am I not made for her" is a very clever play on words that would be well understood in the UK and/or Australia, but may be misunderstood in the U.S. Unfortunately, to ensure the phrase is well-understood in the U.S, the play on words must be dismissed; there is no better solution.**** I do not want the English learner to be misled, as "mad for" would not exactly be understood by someone where I live. I am not saying that this fact is important, but it is accurate. Your perspective is accurate as well....and I respect that.
July 2, 2010
its means that you are more sensitive for her.You don't want to loose her in your life.if you are not made for her that is DESTINY.
June 30, 2010
The correct way to say this would be: "I'm mad AT her, but why am I not made for her?" If you say "I'm mad FOR her," you are saying that you are angry instead of her....and that you are mad about someone/something else....not her. Unless, of course, this is what you intended to say, then you should change "for" to "at." Unfortunately, this correction "undoes" your play on words. :) Sorry! :)
June 28, 2010
People says wrong That Love losses, The truth is that Love wins. We can't Love with our wish, It comes with its will, Then shows sweet dreams, Then our strange condition. Smiling with tears, Confident with fears, All is seems to bear. but when we go in deep, When we become mad for it, When its magic controls us... Then cruel World appears, Good Luck disappears, I'm also not sure for my Lovers yes or no? If Lover agrees, People would say No, And result is You and me die, But our story of Love alives with pride, Just that's it, That Love wins and You and Me are lost Somewhere in that game. one other Khuch uljhy uljhy khayal hain, Khuch behki behki khwahishain, Khuch sehma sehma dil ka mosam, khuch be rang o be saz geet mery, khuch gubar alod hal sb halat ka, ic sab main pis rhy hain, Khuch preshan preshan mery jazbat Muhabat k. see these are the factors. but if you still depress then remember that Ishaq adab ka naam hai Kefi, ye b adab main shamil hai, Jic ki muhabat dil main basi ho, Uc ki gali main jaye kam. Ma'slama
June 28, 2010
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