How to use 'ka' and 'mo' properly in sentences? Is there any difference of using these two words since the meaning is the same. Thank you for your help.
Aug 5, 2010 11:45 PM
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let's consider the verb "kuha" (take / get): 'KumUHA KA ng pagkain." ('get a food') "KUHAin MO ang pagkain." ('get the food') the verb "kita" (see): "nakaKITA KA na ng multo?" ('have you seen a ghost?') "naKITA MO ba yung multo?" ('did you see the ghost?') "ka" is I believe, a short term of the pronoun "ikaw" (you) which gives an emphasis to the subject while "mo" gives more emphasis to the object. although, if you happen to be a native tagalog speaker, you won't be able to observe their differences except on the form of the 'tagalog verb' being used. here's the trick, when using "mo", the main verb's affix is placed at the beggining and mostly at the end of the word while "ka", either at the beginning or at the middle of the word. 'talon' (jump) "tUMalon ka!" (you jump!) "talonIN mo!" (jump on/from it!) 'kain' (eat) 'kUMain ka." (eat/have some.) "kainIN mo." (eat it.) 'takbo' (run) "tUMakbo ka!" (run!) "takboHIN mo!" (run for it!) :)
August 6, 2010
Apa kabar. Satu negara. Ka is like ikau in malayo but we also have Ikaw. Ka refers to the 2nd person singular. Mo refers to something the 2nd person has in possession or in trait. Like Ang bait mo meaning You are kind. Saan ka pupunta means where are you going.
March 1, 2012
"ka" means "you" or in the 2nd person... while "mo" is used like a to show possession which is "yours" in english..
August 27, 2010
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