How many ways can you say for these sentences of Arabic? I know that there are many slang to speak Arabic in Arabian gulf, Mesir, Syria and etc....Would you state those ways to say 'How are you?' and 'I am fine.' in these different slang.
Sep 11, 2010 9:43 AM
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Hi myFeileacan, I am a friend from Tunisia. Well, for 'how are you' we say: chnia/ech ahwelik? if you are speaking to a person, and 'chnia ahwelkom' if you are addressing many. "I am fine": labes, alhamdu lElleh (thanks be to God, to mean fine) or bkher.. Moreover, arabic slangs are no longer specific to its countries because media and the immigration made them used by different arabs.. the Egyptian phrase "ezzayak" (how are you) is very often used nowadays by Tunisians especially between friends or very close people (veeery informal) As to Hesham, to some extent I don't agree with you that we can understand each other as Tunisian dialect is not easily understood by our brothers and sisters among the Arabic world unfortunately.
September 11, 2010
I will tell Egypt's because I am Egyptian its ezzayak or eh el akhbar gulf would be kaifak or kaif el hal some countries say eish lonak or eish lonatch In the Arabic world there are dialects but we can understand each other
September 11, 2010
Hello.. I'll set some examples of some Syrian phrases with the way of pronunciation :) Kefak كيفك or Shlonak شلونك = How Are You ( to a male ) Kefek كيفِك or Shlonek شلونِك = How Are You ( to a female ) I'm fine = ana mee'h أنا منيح (male) - أنا منيحة ana mnee'ha ( female) I'm walking= أنا عم بمشي ana a'am bimshee I'm happy= أنا مبسوطة ana mabsoota (female) - أنا مبسوط ana mabsoot ( male ) I'm sad = أنا زعلانة ana za'alaneh ( female ) - أنا زعلان ana za'alan ( male) I'm angry= أنا معصبة ana m'aasbeh ( female ) - أنا معصّب ana m'aasseb ( male ) I'm waiting= عم بستنى a'm bistanna Note: These phrases are not in STANDARD ARABIC , these are in Syrian dialect
September 13, 2010
في الجزائر نقول 'How are you?' واش راك 'I am fine.' بخير والحمد لله
September 11, 2010
Well there are many meanings such as : Jordanian and Syrian and Palestanian and Lebanos People say : Keef halak = keefak ....} Male Keef halek = keefek ....} Female Egyption People say : Ezzayyak = akhbarak eh ....} Male Ezzayyek = akhbarek eh .....} Female
September 15, 2010
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