What does "Don't be silly" mean in different contexts? Well,I'll give you an example first. A guy asked a girl, "You don't love me any more?Do you?",then the girl answered " Don't be silly".I can understand that the girl didn't really mean that the guy was silly.We translated into "别傻了" in Chinese. So I wanna know in what occasion that people will find "Don't be silly" offensive?
Jan 13, 2011 2:16 AM
Answers · 3
"Don't be silly" is not supposed to be really offensive, as long as you only use it in an informal setting, around friends and family. Tone of voice matters a lot with this one, too. "Don't be silly" is usually followed by a response that corrects the other person's misguided comment or question. Example: "Are we walking to the museum?" "Don't be silly -it's much too far, we will take a taxi." or "Can I help you with the dishes? "Don't be silly -you're our guest, just relax and enjoy the party!" The only way I could see this being offensive is if you said it with a harsh/angry tone, or if you said it to someone whom you should respect, like your boss. Hope that helps!
January 13, 2011
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