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Chinese Mandarin Slang video learning resources IG: ngchinesehk As a Chinese learner, one of the most important days during the year could be 双 十一shuāng shí, it is a must and you can’t say you didn’t know it. 双十一shuāng shí is a significant festival in China mainland. Actually, it is not a festival, because it’s not our public vacation, no days off either, but why is it so important? 双十一shuāng shí yī is double 11, stands for November 11th each year. Before because 11.11 looks just like 4 single men without girlfriends, that’s why 11.11 before is also called 光棍节guāng gùn jié, a festival for the singles, but later on to make people happy, 光棍节guāng gùn jié became 双十一shuāng shí yī, a shopping day that can be spent by everybody, no matter single, married or in relationship. During this day, a lot of shops both online and offline will have a lot of discounts and people will do a lot of shopping too. It is just like Chinese Thanks Giving Day version of Black Friday, because at 00:00 am of 11.11, quick deals will usually be rewarded with extra discounts or gifts.
Nov 5, 2021 1:35 AM
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