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Speak like a REAL Chinese Mandarin Slang Vocabulary Learning Video learning resources, IG: NGChinesehk Maybe you know what 公司gōng sī means but do you know what MCM 公司gōng sī means in Chinese? MCN stands for multiple channel networking and MCM 公司gōng sī is a kind of company which is known as Internet celebrity factory in Chinese. Usually they work with two kinds of people: group one, people who they considered potential, they will sign contract with these people and make sure he or she can get enough followers in the near future and make money together. The second group is their main target, currently there are a lot of people who want to get famous online so that they can make money through the Internet instead of going to an actual company for work. Usually they will charge a lot of money from these people and a lot of people also believe they can get famous with their help. From my point of view, if you want to get famous and make money the only person you should rely on as yourself, because you have to be unique and be yourself, only in this way could you attract other people and get faithful fans.
Nov 8, 2021 3:08 AM
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