Rajwinder Kaur
Staggie's way :- Part 1 Staggie's way is a very good book. I have read the entire book. This book is related to the Stegosourus. In this story three main characters Clare, Ben and Rob are involved. One bright Saturday morning, Clare, Ben and their little brother, Rob went for a walk. They went across fields until they came suddenly to a great big mess. There were men in hard hats, JCBs, lorries and huge heaps of gravel and sand. It is a new road, the trees have gone. Children were seeing everything. Actually there was a secret place that belong to children. They walked sadly along by the edge of the mess until they came to a little bit. They stopped and stared. At the bottom there was a huge egg. Everyday children looked at the egg. After some time the egg suddenly cracked ran across the top. Mum called Rob come quickly, the egg is opening. Children were vary excited to see what would be get out from this egg. In the end, the whole egg broke and a dinosaur came out from it. Her name was Staggie which given by the children. The next day from each class students turned to see Steggie. After school all the children 's parents lined up to See her and the school governer also came to see her. The Steggie was not a carnivore. She eats plants, grass, fruits and vegetables.
Sep 22, 2021 6:37 AM