Rajwinder Kaur
Steggie 's way:- Part - 2 After a few days the the Staggie began to grow rapidly. The governer thought of Writting letter and tell about Steggie. Mr. Gun had a lorrry with a powerful engine and long trailer. He brought Staggie's favourite food. The ramp came down and Steggie moved up on to it. Mr. Gun is not a good person. He killed the animals and he was to do the same with Steggie.The children knew everything. They decided that they would tell everything to Mrs. Dear and they thought Mrs Dear would be tell everything to Queen. Clare offered the book to the Queen. This book related to the Steggie and brought out a huge piece of egg shell from the bag. The Queen looked at the notice the children, the book and the eggshell. Steggie came closer. The crowed oohed and aahed. The Queen looked up at Steggie abd down at the children, then turned to the Mayor. The Queen decided to close the road. Its name was "STAGGIE'S WAY", and she didn't remain smooth for long. Grass begun to grow out from the edges. Tree grew, taller and the road became a green glade full of flowers. The big game hunter went off to Africa in a sulk to hunt more big game and was eaten by the lion when he wasn't looking. And Steggie got the best present life. Once a year the children of the village led by the headteacher and Mrs. Dear go down a secret path into the green glade to see Steggie.
Sep 22, 2021 6:39 AM
Corrections · 1
Not having read Part 1, I'm not sure whether "Staggie" is meant to be a proper noun or not. With that in mind, I've made a few suggestions for the first two sentences. This is a long text and very open to interpretation. Therefore, I would recommend scheduling with a teacher to review it together so that you can ensure that the intended meaning isn't lost and to help you learn the most from any corrections. After a few days, the the staggie began to grow rapidly. - noun After a few days, Staggie began to grow rapidly. - proper noun The governor thought of writing a letter .... about Steggie. - You can either leave this space blank or, if you want to include "tell about," you'll need to answer: to whom is the information being told? For example: "... to tell the people about Steggie."
September 22, 2021
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