How to study effectively? I set a goal to learn English. I spend 1-4 hours studying. One day, I asked myself, "Do I study English the right way?" Actually, how to study in general? Nobody in school has taught us how to do it, and we probably do it the wrong way. We can spend a whole day studying and the effects are poor. How to Increase your effectiveness at learning? Prepare everything you need the day before. Don't be distracted from studying. Have everything on hand. Set fixed hours when you study and don't do anything else during this time. Just start studying. Remember that starting is the hardest part! Listen to the concentration music. Using headphones helps reduce annoying noises from the environment. Write down on the calendar how much time you devote to studying each day. Completing your daily goals is satisfying. I will mention just one more thing. Study in the morning if it is possible. Studying is not fun for most of us so get your study done at the beginning of the day. The rest of your day can be spent doing your hobbies.
Feb 16, 2022 8:12 PM