Maxim Z
Yes, I do. There are so many musical instruments in the world, but I choose the guitar. I’ve been already playing the guitar for about six years however I wouldn’t say that I am good at it. In my view, we always need to develop (I would add an idiom here associated with growth, could you share with me one? I don’t want to look it up in a dictionary:)) To be honest, I even have no idea how and why I started playing this instrument. I remember that I had a guitar when I was a kid but I didn’t play it. It was laying simply. Then I either bought it or broke it, I don’t remember exactly, but the guitar left me. And one day I came across a person who played this amazing instrument perfectly like if he was born for it. I was watching how he was playing every day and I admired him. After that I wanted to play the guitar, too.
Feb 16, 2022 10:30 PM