I must finish my phd study in four years and get the degree. The first goal is speaking English fluently and also making sure to communicate with the researchers well. I realized that academic English and daily English are not the same😅. Cause I often don’t understand what my supervisor said. It’s really painful. I’d like to learn French. I’m living in France and there’s no reason do not speak and learn French. Of course it’s a beautiful language. I don’t know how about my life after four years, but it’s ok. Step by step.
Aug 19, 2022 9:46 PM
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Yes, you don't have to know the extended future exactly, but as you work towards achieving your goals, as you see success in each of your days, you'll come to see those long-term goals and dreams come to pass. Kudos for your determination! :-)
August 29, 2022
Hi there. Thank you for telling us your plans. I'm sure you will master English and French well after four years.
August 23, 2022
Hey, Your introduction is very nice :) can we practice our spoken English together I work for a software company And also I am preparing for IELTS the exams
August 22, 2022