Rajwinder Kaur
My Favourite movie :- The movie that I like the most is “Taarezameen per”.It is my favorite movie and I have seen it so many times. There are no bold scenes in this movie and people of every age can watch it. This is my favorite movie because the story is very touching. This movie is both entertaining and educational. All the characters have acted so well in this movie. It tells about the story of a boy who suffers from dyslexia due to which he is unable to identify speech sounds and how they relate to letters. Because of this disorder, he cannot good in any activity. He finds all the subjects difficult to study. Even with this disorder, he is very good at painting. However, he gets expelled from school because of his poor performance. All the teachers tell his parents that their boy is not normal and he should be sent to school which is especially made for special children like him. Later, his parents send him to boarding school. There he sinks into a state of nervousness and fear because of new environment. Fortunately, he finds an art teacher there who is very supportive and caring. His teacher realizes that he doesn't fault to get bad grades but a disorder which makes it difficult for him to focus. The teacher visits his home and gets surprised to see his drawings. He also gets to know that his dad does not understand him and often shouts at him for not getting good grades. These techniques help him to good grades in school. In the end, he also wins a painting competition because of his striking creative style. Every aspect of this movie, from cast to location selection is amazing. All the actors have done an amazing job. I really cried while seeing this movie. I know, I will never get bored from this movie.
Sep 24, 2021 7:18 AM