Nowadays, when the world is at the peak of industrialization and the computer revolution, some consequences affect our mother nature. The result of such advances in science resulted in the depletion of natural resources. First on the list is the climate change that we are experiencing now. It is no doubt that industrialized countries that emit carbon into the atmosphere, resulted in rising in the earth's temperature. This is in turn creates disturbances in the weather resulting in the formation of typhoons. As we all know, great typhoons will also bring other calamities such as flash floods, landslides, and storm surge. Another environmental problem that we are facing right now is waste segregation and illegal dumping. It is a global concern that garbage around the world is getting bigger with the rise of non-biodegradable products such as plastics. Plastics are dumped everywhere including the oceans where it affects all the marine life. Other forms of wastes if not segregated and recycled properly, bring sickness to humans and have a huge impact on nature. Lastly, air and water pollution also greatly affects the whole world. The combustion from cars, factories, and other industrialized countries dampen the quality of the air we breathe. Water pollution, on the other hand, resulted from human, medical, nuclear, and industrialized wastes that were illegally thrown into different bodies of water. There is so much to tackle about global environmental problems that we are facing today. These will not resolve if humans do not act to these problems. It will destroy us and the ecosystem if we continue to be selfish. Discipline will start in each one of us. And the time to act and find a solution is now.
Sep 25, 2021 1:17 PM