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An article from my online magazine. There are many more to help you improve your IELTS skills. IELTS Writing question. Intelligence is the most important quality of a leader. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Skimming practice. 1) All leaders naturally have the ability to lead? TRUE, FALSE, NOT GIVEN. 2) Is it easy to define the qualities of the word Intelligence? 3) Who are the main sellers of leadership quality discussed by the Author? 4) The Author believes the best leaders are those who do not wish to _______. Leadership is very difficult to understand due to the variety of people looking for inspiration from their leaders. Leaders should have the ability to improve human society in a way that improves the natural world. Intelligence is also a very difficult word to give a definition to. Is it intelligent to sit in a University for 4 years? Learn about what others have said and then recreate those words into your own narrative. Is intelligence using and abusing fellow human beings? Taking there labour, with the minimal returns for the workers, so that an owner of a corporation can be seen to be successful by purchasing a lifestyle perceived through marketing to be the meaning of success. Many leaders do not feel they need to project this stereotype to be happy within themselves. They help a person within their community while improving the quality of life for all of the people within that social structure. Someone who has the convictions, and self confidence, to not be the centre of attention often has much more control. This is very different to the idea of leadership sold to us by influencers and marketing companies. Personally, I have found the best leaders are those that do not want to lead. They offer advise out of caring and concern for others. They do not wish to convince others of they leadership skills. They find leadership comes through understanding others needs while offering an example to others of what is important for the good
Sep 27, 2021 7:11 AM