Anto Ci
Online fraud is one the issues that come along with the developing of tecnonology. I would that someone would put and end to it. A lot of person especially children and old people are cheated online. The parents must to look after to his children on the web, to prevent wrong actions. Sometimes there is the chance to set off some websites. The government issued in the years big penalties of the online thief. Because is another way to rob, to steal this. Sometime they ruin the beauty of internet. This take me by surprise. It amazed me. From the internet you can take vary advantages, you can exploit it. I remember that the first time that I approached with the web my parents gave me a lesson how to use it and to avoid dangers. Luckily on the school they are adopting classes about cyber security to support the new generations that can be open to this kind of attack. Sometimes I noticed that the web spy me, with ad pop up about what I’m looking for. The new school president on my school said that each month there will be a webinar about to discuss and confront on this topic, that is spreading. It’s obvious that the parents has to do her job, to look after. Sometimes you tube provide some video to understand the common tricks that they use to cheat the customers. Sometimes they can work, sometimes fails. It is influencing our view to see buy on web
Sep 27, 2021 10:42 AM