Rashmi Senarathne
After two days today in the morning the sun was shining, but now it's a little late.Out side is so gloomy and it's not make any interest about rain right now. As I had some classes I missed two days to post something. Now I really want to take a English lesson, but due to bussy days I don't have time. And now I'm having a little free. I don't know whether my next class is going to held or not, but I have to do some maths homework. In fact, my school exams are on the hands, but I don't feel that I want work very hard for it. I'm really confusing about it. I want to make a change of my studies, but still I don't have an idea about it. Actually by yesterday my friend and I have read the first chapter of that chosen book. We selected tge book, 'Secret Garden ' written by Frances Hodgson. In fact, I wanted to select a level 3 book but this is level 2 book. By the way it's a very interesting story and my friend like to read it. So we both are reading this book. Mm but I've read this book. Also I've posted a post about it on here. No problem, how may times I've read it. I like to read it again. May be I would catch some words that I don't know. Even we can discuss it. First we just only discuss little paragraphs about some interesting topics, but later we agree to read a book. After reading a whole book together there is a feeling like happy. For now we have only done a one book. So now we are on our second book. Actually I know it's not necessary to explain a lot about it, but I want to write a lot. I believe it helps me to improve my language skill and to recognize my weaknesses. So I try to write a lot.
Sep 22, 2021 7:14 AM