Rocio Daniela Perez
As I said, I'd love to get B2 in the DELF exam. At the beginning of the year I started to pay attention to my listening skills because from my view it's a really important part in order to learn a new language, I could realize it when I had the Cambridge exam last year and it's also the most complicated ability for me. Most of the YouTubers that I follow said that it would be good idea if we listen to music or listen to a podcast and we repeat two or three times and even we can listen and read the transcript. I start with the habit in January and I remember that I had to modify the speed but now the "basic" podcast which I started I can listen to them in normal speed and I recently found more podcast and videos "a little bit advanced" to practice :) and I'm really happy. I also will take classes in this platform 💕 in order to practice my speaking ability, in fact I recently reserved a class because of the Italki anniversary discounts 😁😁 I'm really excited! And I hope I can continue to improve!
Jul 6, 2022 6:14 AM
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🤔看得到中文吗对面 第一次用这个软件不知道为什么不能翻译文字🤷‍♂️
July 30, 2022
hello are you study english too? can we practice english together?
July 12, 2022
Hi Rocío, I hope your learning process on italki is going well so far! Here's a small feedback point for you: - We don't really say "from my view" in English. The most common alternatives to say the same thing are either "in my opinion" or "in my view". Here are some other possibilities, too Good luck with your studies!
July 19, 2022
Hi Rocio, I’m learning English too, can we practice together?
July 24, 2022
hello sorry i answered late can you active your message box in your profile please? if you active it we can send message for each other more comfortable
July 23, 2022
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