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Record yourself describing your average day
What do you normally do in the morning, afternoon or evening? The best way to improve your speaking ability is to speak! Native speakers and italki Teachers can help correct your speaking mistakes
My routine day begins at 6a.m.: I have a wash, drink a glass of water and go outside for jogging. During the restrictive measures established by the government were in place, i hadn't apportunity to exercise in a gym, so I decided to jog around my district, wearing a mask, as it's prudential in my country. If you don't wear a mask, you will be charged with a fine. After jogging i have a shower and breakfast. Then I am learning vocabulary or grammar within an hour. At 10.a.m. my work time starts, as I've been working remotely at home since the pandemic emerged, I can manage my schedule, making it more flexible. It is a new for me to work online, i haven't do it before, but I find it conveniet. My work time ends at 7p.m., after that I have dinner, read a book in English and around at 11p.m. go to bed.
September 5, 2020
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