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Talk about something you recently ate
Take a picture or upload a photo of something you just ate and record yourself speaking about it Native speakers and italki Teachers can help correct your speaking mistakes.
Could you please help me correct the written exercise below ? Thanks! My breakfast for Thanksgiving Day I got up an hour earlier in the morning on Thanksgiving Day than I did the day before yesterday so I had extra time to make soybean milk。 I usually make soybean milk with a soybean milk maker which I put into a handful of black bean with a pinch of black sesame and linseed after washing, turn on the maker, the last thing I need to do is waiting for it done which takes 30mins. In the meantime, I can do something such as taking a show, brushing teeth or making a sandwich. As seen in the picture, this is a cup of black soy milk mixed with soybean residue and a shortcake,which was my breakfast for Thanksgiving Day. The cup of soy milk mixed with residue may not taste good, but it was high plant protein food that was good for health.Although most of people like drinking sweet soy milk by seasoning sugar, I like insipid soy milk, because I dislike intaking extra calories. Thank you for reading! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Day! 我的感恩节早餐 在感恩节的早上我起床比前天早了一个小时,所以我有一点儿多余的时间去制作豆浆。 我通常是使用一台豆浆机制作豆浆的,将一把黑豆连同一撮黑芝麻和亚麻籽混在一起洗干净后放进豆浆机,加入清水,然后按下按钮,最后我要做的是等豆浆制作完成。这大概需时30分钟,与其同时,我可以做其他的事情,如洗澡、刷牙或者制作三文治等等。 从照片可以看到,有一杯混合着豆浆渣的黑豆浆和一个酥饼,这就是我的感恩节早餐。混合着豆浆渣的原味豆浆或许不太可口,但它却是高植物蛋白质的食物,对身体健康有益处的。尽管大部分的人们喜欢喝加了糖的甜豆浆,可是我还是喜欢喝原味的豆浆,因为我不想摄入额外的热量.
November 27, 2020
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