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Write something interesting about your last trip
Travelling can be exciting and fun. If you travel to another country you can practice a new language and learn about a new culture.
When I was traveling in Europe. I almost missed my flight to Lisbon. On my last day in Barcelona, I took the wrong train which led me to the wrong terminal. It was really difficult to run in an airport while carrying 2 large bags. I had to cut the line at the security checkpoint. I was all sweaty by the time I made to the gate. Then the worst thing happened, I realized I lost my phone. What’s worse, the plane was scheduled to take off in 5 minutes. So, there I was stand in front of a very short line of people waiting to aboard the plane. I had to make a decision: forget my phone and board the plane, or go find my phone, miss the flight and spend the night at the airport. So I surprised the agent by snapping my passport from his hand and run toward the security checkpoint. Thankfully I found my phone at the lost and found box at the security. With the slightest hope that maybe I could stil catch my flight. I raced back to my gate and found out that my flight had been delayed. There were too many carry-on luggage, so they had to move some to check-ins. I was the last person boarding the plane. The moment I sat down on my seat, the plane left the gate.
March 25, 2022
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