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Write about why you are learning a new language
Why did you choose to start learning a new language? Share your story and motivate each other!
I am learning since 3rd grade english and now I am really happy to be capable to express myself in this lanugage. I can hold a conversation with people that are new for me and mostly it's me who start a new subject. But at the start of the summer vacation I decided to start learning French. My first words are from the most common 625 words in this language. But why are I am doing this? This has more than one reason. Today lanugages are really important. If you are able to speak english and an other lanugage, you will understand how languages are built. You understand the sytem and get to know that there isn't everything in every language that you need. The second reason is that I could need it for my school career and it facilitates me the work of english learning, but I don't want to go too deep in this subject. The last reason is that I understand that I am not that bad in lanuges. The way we learn languages at school is okay, but is not the reality. You really need to speak it and think in it. So there is no grammar you need. But I cant write that much here in this text box. So I have to stop. I hope you understood me, why I am learning French :D
September 7, 2021
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