¿Crees que aumentar el precio de la gasolina es una buena forma de resolver los problemas del medio ambiente?
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Some people used to have everything, from consuming various goods, to luxury housing, to traveling from one country to another, to enjoying various means of luxury. Ignoring what this lifestyle necessitates of consuming large amounts of energy, no one can deny the important role that traditional energies have played in the industrialization movement that the world witnessed, especially Western countries. and economical. Until recently, people treated their environment as an absolute commodity, taking what they loved as natural: air, heat, water, and waste disposal. But the environment now no longer satisfies civilization with these needs without economic cost or environmental degradation. Demand has increased dramatically over the past two hundred years, as the economic factor is the engine in whose orbit the industrial development revolves in all its sectors. At the same time, the society incurs costs Very expensive. Market prices incurred by conventional energy represent only a small part of the actual costs incurred by society, due to the difficulty and failure of estimating the real costs and prices of traditional energy sources, as it makes all consumers of traditional energy pay subsidies for it from their pockets, directly or indirectly, such as paying taxes. Of all kinds (carbon taxes, energy taxes and oil derivatives pricing...), paying the cost of treating the health damage they are exposed to as a result of using these traditional sources, and we can include this cost in the environmental cost section, and add to these costs; The cost of supplying and supplying energy resources. If these costs are estimated in a clear way, we will find that fossil energy sources have become a burden on the budgets of energy payments for the majority of countries. Note the graphic below, on the icebergs of the societal costs of energy and fossil fuels.
Sep 29, 2022 10:45 AM
Im Prinzip, ja, aber es gab andere Möglichkeiten, diese Probleme zu lösen - man sollte sie nicht nur aufgrund eines Kriegs in Europa hätte lösen müssen! Ich fahre mit dem Auto nicht, ich habe das Autofahren niemals gelernt, weshalb treffen mich die Probleme mit der Finanzierung eines persönlichen Autos nicht, aber diese Probleme haben Nebenwirkungen in anderen Rahmen. Wenn es zu teuer wird, mit dem Bus oder mit dem Zug zu fahren, was macht man dann? Unsere Gesellschaft könnte unter solchen Bedingungen gar nicht funktionieren. Obwohl ich glaube grundsätzlich dass, in dieser Zeit, fast niemand ein Auto brauchen sollte, ich kann es aber zugestehen, dass die Menschen, die in ländlichen Gebieten wohnen, finden sie noch nötig. Wir brauchen besseres öffentliches Verkehrsmittel in allen Gebieten in allen Ländern, nicht nur in den großen Städten. Das braucht aber Zeit, und die Probleme mit den Benzinpreisen werden mittlerweile vielen Menschen wirklich schwertun.
Aug 19, 2022 3:03 PM
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