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Persian (Farsi)
Certified MA English teacher. The master of teaching conversational English in less than 3 months
From Islamic Republic of IranLiving in Amsterdam, Netherlands (02:07 UTC+03:30)
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italki teacher since Nov 26, 2021
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Hi, Salut , سلام I love learning and teaching languages. When I learn a new language it is like I step into a new world. I can speak 4 languages. I have taught English and Persian to both adults and kids and also I have taught Persian to many native English speakers. I have a bachelor's degree in English Literature. I’ve completed many hours of teacher’s training courses and workshops. As a professional English teacher, I am familiar with the latest methods in teaching and learning English. As a Persian teacher, I’m not just a native speaker but an old handed who knows how to teach Persian to foreigners

Persian (Farsi) Lessons

Persian (Farsi)
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the most common vocabularies and sentence structures in Persian
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Persian conversation practice
B1 -  C2

Conversation Practice

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professional grammar practice
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95 Reviews

Persian (Farsi)
Student Paul Monczko
Paul Monczko
28 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Yazdan's lessons are always beneficial for me. He uses the materials - proportional to my english level. Don't hesitate and learn english with Yazdan!
May 7, 2024
Student Zhu Ge
Zhu Ge
52 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Yazdan is a great tutor who is always energetic and well-prepared. You can choose to follow a textbook which he will provide for you to strengthen basic knowledge, or focus on conversational practice to improve your speaking skills. Highly recommend!
Jul 22, 2022
Student Paweł
33 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Yazdan is a perfect teacher. I was his first student and I have classes with him every single day, so I can say that I can assess him in detail. The way his class is so enjoyable when you start speaking you don't like to stop talking. I really feel progression in both my confidence and speaking. In his classes, he really cares about your fluency, accent, and speaking correctly. For me he speaks like a native, when I listen to a native I can't distinguish the difference between his accent and native accent. I had many teachers in the past and Yazdan is one of the best. You definitely should give him a shot. The ratio between the price of his classes and his level is very profitable. Perfect teacher
Feb 12, 2022
Student Ahmed Ali
Ahmed Ali
3 English lessons
I am one of the students of Yazdan, he teaches me very well, when I was join his class my speak is not good as I am now, he gives me a time, so I am proud of the way he teaches me and I appreciate his lesson, teacher Yazdan, he is kind man, and very helpful teacher. thank you for your support
Jun 12, 2024
Student Alexander
1 English lesson
Very good teacher, helped me a lot!
Jun 7, 2024
Student Tina~
6 English lessons
Yazdan full of patient and will create the class for your situation.really recommend Yazdan to all of u
May 29, 2024
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