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italki teacher since Aug 26, 2021
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I am Héctor Isaac Jiménez, a Dominican, a last-year medical student (UASD), and a music teacher (cello specialty and introduction to the arts). Passionate about teaching since childhood, loving partying, traveling, and meeting new people and their cultures.

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79 Reviews

Marquee Lopez
48 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
- The Best Part About Hector’s Classes Are Finding Fun Topics About The DOMiNiCAN REPUBLIC To Talk About And Learning All The Slang To Keep Up In Conversations When Talking To Dominican Speakers . Great Class As Always .
Apr 30, 2023
32 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
We have been having lessons with Héctor for a few months now, and he is great! He is always punctual for our lessons. He's very inquisitive and great at making conversation. We have been learning Spanish for a few years now, so he keeps to Spanish at all times for us, and we have been getting more comfortable with the Dominican accent. Lately we've been analyzing videos from the Dominican Republic (songs, speeches, etc.), and Héctor can always give us the local context behind the words/sayings.
Aug 25, 2022
13 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Always wonderful! He's been giving me tailored vocab since I am hoping to become a nurse and want to be able to speak fluently with patients. I learn a lot and the lessons are always so fun!
Sep 29, 2021
Marquee Lopez
48 Spanish lessons
It is always a pleasure to re-connect with Hector. I always enjoy this class because I get the opportunity to learn so much slang from the DR. In this class , we practiced how to respond if I ever get a interview in Spanish in real life. Of course this made the class very fun and I plan to continue keeping up with my consistency .
Feb 23, 2024
Alexandra Shelton
1 Spanish lesson
Héctor es muy paciente y corrigió todos mis errores durante la conversación. Me dio consejos para mejorar mi español y algunos pasos para avanzar (escribir nuevas palabras de vocabulario en un cuaderno, ver series y películas en español, etc.) Soy directora de orquesta y hablamos mucho sobre el violín y el violonchelo, y las técnicas para tocar un instrumento.
Feb 21, 2024
1 Spanish lesson
Hector es un excelente profesor. Tiene mucha paciencia y tambien me ayuda a aumentar mi confianza. ¡Muchas gracias por una excelente lección!
Feb 17, 2024
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