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Angela IELTS~KIDS :)

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Certified IELTS teacher with 4 years of teaching experience.
From South AfricaLiving in Tshwane Metro , South Africa (10:40 UTC+02:00)
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italki teacher since Oct 4, 2021
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Hi, I’m Angela. I’m an English native speaker from South Africa with great communication skills. So, I can help you learn effectively and in a fun way. I can assure you that after taking sessions with me, you will feel comfortable enough to speak out loud and express yourself naturally. My niche is helping those who want to pass their IELTS exam, not only but also B2 exam, and Linguaskill. My course will prepare you for the speaking and writing tasks and is ideal for students who will be taking the IELTS in the next month. In addition, we will focus on the most common topics that you will be tested on in the IELTS and work on all of the sub-skills to ensure you get the score you deserve.

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43 Reviews

Student Cesare Soffientini
Cesare Soffientini
38 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Angela is an excellent teacher! In order to pass the Linguaskill examination, I sought her assistance in enhancing my English proficiency, and thanks to her preparation, I was able to do so. In particular, Angela helped me greatly with speaking and writing. For the former, first she explained to me in detail how the test was organized, and then she taught me how to paraphrase, expand my vocabulary, employ the correct collocations, and express myself fluently. For writing, she immediately showed me how to handle the most common tasks (such as emails, letters, articles, reviews, and essays), and she constantly sent and corrected me on the exam papers. I am truly delighted with my experience and would highly recommend her, not only because she is an excellent teacher, but also because she is a kind person who is very pleasant to talk to.
Jul 1, 2023
Student Alessia
21 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
An amazing teacher!! Angela helped me to pass the Linguaskill exam and thanks to our preparation I finally reached the maximum overall score (180+). She mostly helped me for the speaking and writing parts. First of all, we studied together the examination methods and we practiced as we were at the exam so that the day of the exam I knew exactly what to expect. Moreover, she taught me vocabularies and collocations about different topics, so that I was ready to answer to almost every possible question. She is very prepared and her help could really make the difference for your Linguaskill exam. She is even a super kind person, which makes everything more enjoyable.
Dec 18, 2022
Student Jeffrey
1 English lesson
You are so kind and funny.It is relax and rewarding to communicate with you
Apr 20, 2024
Student Lily🔮
2 English lessons
Apr 17, 2024
Student Lily🔮
2 English lessons
Angela is a very good teachet who can encourage and inspire her student
Apr 12, 2024
Student Accesorios Yepes Ang
Accesorios Yepes Ang
35 English lessons
The class for today was interesting because I practice the types for the last classes. I felt good. Im happy. I can speak english. yujuu
Nov 25, 2023
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