Japanese teacher 🤗ともこ🤗  JLPT(1-5)

🤗ともこ🤗  JLPT(1-5)

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🌸 JLPT (N5 ~ N1)・J test (A ~ G)・Honorifics・Business etiquette🌸
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・ I am a certified professional teacher. ・ I am a professional teacher with over 16 years of experience as a Japanese tutor and over 5 years of experience teaching Japanese at a Japanese language school. ・ I am a teacher who teaches with the feelings of the students and strives to achieve the goals of the students. ・ If a student was late for my class, I will wait until the end of the class. * However, I will not extend the class time. 【 Qualification 】 ・ Japanese dance ・ Kimono dressing ・ Flower arrangement ・ I am qualified to teach Japanese traditions, so you can enjoy conversation and learn Japanese classical culture. 【  Hobby  】 ・ Dressmaking・ knitting・ Handicraft

Japanese Lessons

Trial Lesson
57 lessons completed
USD 18.00+
会話授業(Conversation class)
B1 -  C2

Conversation Practice

293 lessons completed
USD 25.00
敬語授業コース(Honorific lesson course)2人のグループ可能(Can be a group of 2 people)
B2 -  C2


7 lessons completed
USD 27.00
JLPT (N1, N2, N3, N4)試験対策コース( Exam Preparation Course)
A2 -  C2

Test Preparation

39 lessons completed
USD 27.00
ビジネスマナー授業コース(Business etiquette class course)
B2 -  C2


13 lessons completed
USD 27.00
Jテスト(A~E)試験対策コース(Exam Preparation Course)
B2 -  C2

Test Preparation

2 lessons completed
USD 27.00


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77 Reviews

Student Sekar
14 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
楽しかった! If you want a fun and interactive JLPT Preparation class, Tomoko-sensei's class will be a good choice. She will teach you patiently so you can remember the materials. Very recommended.
Nov 5, 2021
Student Aldo Senties
Aldo Senties
1 Japanese lesson
智子先生の授業は非常に実りの多いものでした。それぞれの疑問に対して丁寧に答えてくれました。智子先生は私にJLPT N1試験を受けるために頑張ろうという気持ちを与えてくれます。
Jul 18, 2024
Student Ira
2 Japanese lessons
Tomoko-Sensei provided well-prepared and extensive breakdowns of a variety of JLPT subject materials! Don't be worried if you don't have all the books, she was very helpful in providing extra resources to facilitate further studies!!! Her cheerful attitude and encouraging responses makes even advanced learners feel comfortable making mistakes. I definitely recommend taking a class with her!!
Jun 15, 2024
Student EN Young
EN Young
1 Japanese lesson
Tomoko sensei is really great in facilitating my learning! I know that I still have long way to go however with Tomoko sensei I feel like I can achieve my goal in learning the Japanese language and passing the next exam. See you in our next lessons. Thank you sensei <3
Feb 4, 2024
Student Daisy Stone
Daisy Stone
1 Japanese lesson
Thank you for the great trial lesson! This is a great lesson for those studying for the JLPT. I will continue to take more lessons like this to improve my Japanese
Jun 18, 2023
Student アマンダ
1 Japanese lesson
Tomoko-san gave me some advice to improve when I have to answer questions in Japanese. She taught me a few concrete areas that I can improve on but was also very positive and motivating. She also told me about what kinds of answers people are looking for. I enjoyed hearing about the J-Test since I have passed JLPT N1 already. Thank you!
Jun 6, 2023
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