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italki teacher since Sep 27, 2021
Hello and assalam o alaikum. My name is komal and I am from Islamabad. I studied Urdu language and literature for four years for my bachelor’s degree. I also have a master’s degree in education and am presently doing a master’s degree in English Language Teaching. My background in Urdu and English language teaching helps me to understand the needs of English speakers and to relate Urdu phonemes, sounds and rules of grammar with those of the English language in order to help students learn Urdu faster and better.

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41 Urdu lessons
Teacher’s pick
Komal is a great teacher. She is always very well prepared, and explains the grammar of everything she’s teaching from the very beginning so that you can formulate your own sentences and understand with ease. She’s understanding and encouraging as well, and reviews past lessons so you don’t forget and so you get good practice.
Dec 5, 2021
Izaan Amar
2 Urdu lessons
Teacher’s pick
Komal was very intelligent and prepared well!
Oct 24, 2021
Eva Adams
12 Urdu lessons
Teacher’s pick
Learning a lot and Komal is very patient with me :-) I have a lot of questions!
Oct 20, 2021
Samira Haikal
5 Urdu lessons
Komal is a lovely teacher. My general experience with many teachers is that the pace is too slow, but Komal provides me with a challenge which I thoroughly enjoy and that keeps my brain stimulated!
Sep 5, 2022
Samira Haikal
5 Urdu lessons
Aimen is simply so lovely to work with. I enjoy my lessons with her and learn sooo much. She answers all of my questions thoroughly and helps me understand the sentences from the root so no confusion remains. I already find myself speaking Urdu phrases to myself and to others throughout the day because the lesson is so impactful. I am grateful and looking forward to the next lesson :)
Sep 1, 2022
Samira Haikal
5 Urdu lessons
Komal is exactly the teacher I've been looking for! I have tried out a few tutors to see who can best accommodate a grammar-focused approach to help me understand Urdu at its root, rather than having me memorize entire phrases with overgeneralized translations and little analysis. It's a testament to her strong academic background and qualifications. Komal was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses and catered her approach accordingly, adjusting her pace to mine which I really appreciated. I'm so excited to work with her and am looking forward to seeing progress as my lessons continue!
Aug 30, 2022
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