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Francesca Iosa

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Insegnante e Esaminatrice CELI con oltre 10 anni di esperienza
From ItalyLiving in Rome, Italy (09:53 UTC+02:00)
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italki teacher since Sep 29, 2021
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Sono Francesca, abito a Roma e sono un'insegnante specializzata in Italiano L2 e insegno online da quasi 10 anni. Durante questi anni ho avuto classi numerose, diverse per lingua, età, competenze, motivazioni, bisogni e desideri. Quando non insegno mi piace passeggiare per Roma, ascoltando podcast o le canzoni dei mie cantanti preferiti e chiacchierare con i miei amici. Sono appassionata di qualsiasi tipo di sport, di arte e viaggi.

Italian Lessons

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A2 -  C2

Test Preparation

754 lessons completed
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🇮🇹🤌 Corso di lingua e cultura italiana 🇮🇹🤌
A1 -  C2


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🇮🇹 Parliamo Italiano 🇮🇹
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Conversation Practice

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🇮🇹 L'italiano in viaggio 🇮🇹
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Corso di Conversazione livelli C1-C2 per Celi, Cils, Plida
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Test Preparation

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Corso di conversazione B2 per Cils, Celi, Plida
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Test Preparation

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73 Reviews

Student Dan Baxter
Dan Baxter
42 Italian lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have thus far completed seven one-hour lessons with Francesca, so I feel that I can leave a meaningful review at this point. I've been taking Italian lessons for six years, through approximately 10 teachers (both in-person and online). With the benefit of that experience, I would put Francesca at or near the top of that list. She is great. There are many ways to praise a teacher, but perhaps the biggest compliment one can offer comes relative to the amount of fun you have during the learning process. In that regard, I very much enjoy Francesca's combination of structure and spontaneity. We focus on didactic elements during our lessons, but not to the exclusion of everyday conversation, which is why a lot of us are here in the first place. She asks interesting and intelligent questions that help me think and engage in Italian. I also find her homework assignments helpful, challenging, and FUN. "Insomma," I give her my strongest recommendation...thanks, Francesca!
Mar 1, 2023
Student Carol
1 Italian lesson
Teacher’s pick
Francesca was well organised, friendly, dynamic, and very adaptable! We spent the first few minutes chatting and getting to know my level and goals, and then we went through an extract from a book I’ve been reading and explored some grammatical points. I appreciated that we were able to focus on content that interested me. My speaking was extremely rusty after not having spoken Italian for an extremely long time, but Francesca was patient and met me at my level. Grazie!
Nov 28, 2022
Student Jose Escarce
Jose Escarce
8 Italian lessons
Teacher’s pick
I really enjoy the exercises Francesca assigns and then we go over in class. I think they will be helpful in understanding and mastering nuances in the meaning and use of words.
Nov 19, 2022
Student Antje Bahr-Molitor
Antje Bahr-Molitor
1 Italian lesson
Ho avuto una lezione interessante
Apr 16, 2024
Student georgebonazzi
2 Italian lessons
prepration for test
Feb 12, 2024
Student Masayo
7 Italian lessons
I enjoy lessons with Francesca! It is fun learning process during the lessons. I feel very comfortable speaking in Italian with her. Her lesson material is fun and very useful to my learning. Thank you Francesca! See you next week :)
Jan 25, 2024
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