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Completed the bachelor course in JLT at university. 9 years of teaching experience.
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italki teacher since Oct 22, 2021
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Hello! My name is Ayaka! 🏠 Live in: Chiba 🐣 Originally from: Saga 💬 Speak: English and Russian languages 📖 Major at university: Japanese language, Japanese literature 👩‍🏫 Teaching experience: Japanese language school in Japan (4 years), National university in Russia (3 years) 🏢 Working experience: Support for study abroad and overseas training at a technical college in Japan (4 years) ❤️ Hobbies: Traveling, Reading ※ Business Japanese language (job interviews, presentations, etc.) is not supported.

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I have been taking lessons from Ayaka-sensei for a little over a month now and thought it's time to express my appreciation. She is obviously an experienced and conscientious teacher that not only uses textbook materials, but goes above and beyond and prepares presentations with even deeper explanations. You will: - patch holes in your grammar and vocab regardless the level it's from (you can be N1 and still make stupid mistakes, but not after Ayaka-sensei corrects you); - thoroughly go over the material to build a solid grammar foundation for your Japanese. (Yes, you can certainly study for JLPT in 2 months with sou matome, but how much of it will actually stick and become natural expression to use in every day speech for you?); - be challenged to use new words and grammar immediately in the lesson; - not get bored for a second because Ayaka sensei's materials are full of engaging イラスト (you are given at least 6 pictures and have to make example sentences using new grammar).
Feb 22, 2023
Vic Sidious
15 Japanese lessons
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Ayaka is a fantastic teacher. ☑️ She’s fun and easy to talk to. She’s an 明るい人。 ☑️ She’s disciplined. She doesn’t use English at all, and doesn’t stray from the lesson plan. ☑️ Her materials are many, well organized and visually intuitive. ☑️ She structures lessons at the edge of my ability that challenge me but also allow me to progress. ☑️ It’s obvious that she has pedagogical experience. Empathy, the right amount of pressure, and preparation. After a class, I feel like I thoroughly learned and practiced a lot. Very happy with our lessons. 👽 ありがとうございますあやか先生。
Jul 28, 2022
75 Japanese lessons
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Ayaka sensei is very friendly, cheerful, and flexible with her lessons. She makes learning Japanese fun and easier with her illustrations and easy-to-understand explanations. She constantly surprises me with her attentiveness which further validates my impression of what a great teacher she is. I can say with great confidence that, with her, my conversational skills have improved greatly! Looking forward to more fun and exciting lessons! :)
Apr 21, 2022
35 Japanese lessons
先生、ありがとうございました! 今日は日本の料理いつたくさん知りました。日本語の言葉「目玉焼き」はロシア語で「глазунья」と似りましたね:) 料理を作ること動詞はちょっと難し、が覚えて頑張ります!
Nov 25, 2023
35 Japanese lessons
先生、ありがとうございました! 今日のレッスンは素晴らしかったです。新しいことば沢山をまなびました。そして新しいトピック学びました。沢山を練習します:)
Nov 18, 2023
35 Japanese lessons
先生、ありがとうございました! また来週!:)
Nov 12, 2023
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