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italki teacher since Nov 23, 2021
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Hello! My name is Chris. I was born & raised in the United States [Miami, FL]. I am also Cuban and Puerto Rican 🇨🇺🇵🇷 I'm creative, understanding and I have a genuine interest in people. I've worked in various jobs such as a sports photographer, restaurant line cook, warehousing, sales, customer service, surveillance for a casino and more.

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292 Reviews

Student Leticia
106 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Chris is an innate teacher! He is calm, honest, creative, and straightforward. He befriends his students and genuinely cares about helping and providing a personalized lesson for each one. Chris understands the process of learning a foreign language and offers tips on how to improve students' English proficiency independently of the tutor, outside the classroom. He is perfect for students seeking a teacher for natural, interesting, and useful conversations. He truly knows how to maintain an enjoyable conversation! Finally, in addition to all the compliments that I and the other students have already expressed, it's also important to mention that Chris is very responsible, doesn't cancel classes, and is super punctual. In short, he is amazing! I enthusiastically recommend classes with Chris, as you get what you pay for!
Nov 28, 2023
Student Ahmad
43 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
I honestly don't know how many lessons I've had with Chris anymore I just keep on booking and booking and never keep track, his lessons are just the best and he can keep a group of 3-4 students going on with different questions and topics. I recommend him, especially his group lessons as they are much more high-quality than Italki's group lessons and they are more compact. Overall, my experience with him was like none other before on Italki.
May 29, 2023
Student Samantha Joanna
Samantha Joanna
56 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Thank God that I encountered you, Chris, for English practice! As a matter of fact, I wasn't looking for English practice through reading the scripture, however, I love it as it is not only broadening and challenging my English skills, but also my mind and perspective on the world. I appreciate our open and honest conversations which strengthen apart from my English skills also my faith and consequently my own being. I can recommend classes with Chris to every who is looking for challenging not only your own English skills, but also your view on the world, if you want to learn more about faith, God and scripture and if you are looking for communicative, honest conversations in English. Classes with Chris are a true gift!
Aug 5, 2022
Student Leticia
106 English lessons
Chris is a very nice and kind person! Conversations with him are always great!
Mar 19, 2024
Student Juliet Dreamhunter
Juliet Dreamhunter
1 English lesson
One of my favorite teachers on italki! Chris made me feel really good about myself and the hour went by really quickly, no awkward silence or self-conscious moments like I had with other teachers. We connected easily and had a great conversation. Looking forward to talking to Chris again!
Mar 7, 2024
Student Briset Guiza
Briset Guiza
3 English lessons
he's the best
Mar 6, 2024
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