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こんにちは!わたしのなまえはKenです。 わたしは、日本で生まれ、日本でそだった日本人です。 わたしの趣味は、アニメや映画を観ること、野球の試合を観ることです。 ほかにも、スポーツや音楽、旅行が好きです。 わたしは、フィリピンとバンクーバーに留学していたことがあるので、すこしだけ英語を話すことができます。「日本語で会話ができるかな?」と不安な方、大丈夫です!会話の流れは僕がサポートします! なので、きがるにレッスンのリクエストをしてください。 Hi! I’m Ken. I was born and raised in Japan, so I am native Japanese speaker. I like to watch Anime, movies and baseball games. I also like doing sports, music, and traveling. I studied English in the Philippines and Vancouver, so I can speak English a little. If you want to practice speaking or listening in Japanese, I'd be happy to help you! Feel free to request lessons! thank you.

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422 Reviews

Student Roxcell John
Roxcell John
22 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have only continued my lessons thanks to Ken San's incredible patience and understanding. I feel like I will never improve my speaking and I make so many vocabulary and grammar mistakes that it's even a wonder he understands, so I am grateful to have met a tutor like him.
Aug 26, 2023
Student Patrick Sanchez
Patrick Sanchez
89 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
One and a half year later and I'm still booking lessons with Ken almost every week despite my busy schedule. Safe to say we are great friends at this point. He has helped me so much with keeping my Japanese level up while living in the US, I am so grateful to him. The only part I don't like is when the lesson ends. lol
Apr 3, 2023
Student Michal
115 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Conversations with Ken are always smooth, entertaining and informative at the same time. Ken always keeps great atmosphere through out the lessons so you can focus on the Japanese itself rather then how to keep conversation going. The best part is that after each lesson you receive written review of your conversation with all the important phrases and sentences so you can fix your mistakes and learn the vocabulary you did not now during the lesson or used incorrectly.
Oct 31, 2021
Student Sam
31 Japanese lessons
Thank you very much for todays lesson. It was great to chat again.
May 26, 2024
Student Caleb
81 Japanese lessons
Great lesson like always. Booked in for another :)
May 26, 2024
Student Caleb
81 Japanese lessons
Great lesson like always! Booked in for another :)
May 25, 2024
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