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Jo Asker

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Friendly, native British English speaker who wants to help you gain confidence in English. London UK
From United KingdomLiving in London, United Kingdom (05:00 UTC+01:00)
About Me
italki teacher since Sep 23, 2021
Please note that my classes are for adults over the age of 18. Hello, I'm Jo, a native English community tutor from the UK, living in London with my two teenage children. I have previously worked in mental health and I'm interested in global issues, social justice, psychology, self-development, music, literature and technology. I love talking to people from all over the world, listening and learning about their lives and cultures. I'm open minded, non judgemental and easy to talk to. I also create English learning content on Instagram @learnenglishwithjo

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209 Reviews

Student Alessandro Spasiano
Alessandro Spasiano
25 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Jo is a fantastic teacher. Her lessons have enriched me a lot, not only to practice my English but also to deepen different interesting topics. Having a teacher like Jo really makes a difference. Thank you so much!
Feb 27, 2024
Student Blair
16 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
The conversation makes me think something I have never thought before and I knew a lot of different expressions. A really nice talking. I really appreciate it!
Jun 15, 2023
Student Elaine
11 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Jo is the ideal conversational teacher I have been looking for, I particularly like her rich experience in life and her interest in psychological and social topics which makes the conversation in depth and meaningful. She gives feedback which greatly boosts my confidence in speaking.
Feb 3, 2023
Student Jocelyne Guillon
Jocelyne Guillon
1 English lesson
Thanks to Jo Asker for our exchange. It was a pleasure.
May 23, 2024
Student Renata Pereira
Renata Pereira
12 English lessons
I really like the way that she explain! Jo is such a nice teacher!
Mar 19, 2024
Student m.kutsovska
3 English lessons
Mir hat das Unterricht sehr gut gefallen!
Mar 5, 2024
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