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Charnelle (Business)

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Business Professional with 25+ Years Business experience
From South AfricaLiving in Johannesburg, South Africa (13:37 UTC+02:00)
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italki teacher since Sep 30, 2021
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◾ Native English speaker from Johannesburg, South Africa, specializing in Conversational Business English. 📊 TEFL certificate & TEFL Business certificate. Over 20 years of business experience and 5+ years of teaching experience. My business background includes: 🔹 Legal, finance, administration, marketing, management, and recycling. I enjoy talking to people and helping them learn new things. In my spare time, I love fixing and upcycling furniture and gardening.

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26 Reviews

Student Ilana
12 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
So happy about the connection. I enjoy talking to her in English..She is attentive, very intelligent and beyond learning English she is someone I share so many personal things with. If you are looking to improve your English and at the same time someone who will understand you, I highly recommend❤️
Aug 30, 2022
Student Sally Chen
Sally Chen
36 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Charnelle is my favorite teacher on italki. I would highly recommend her to all my friends and everyone using italki. Not matter you want to practice your oral English or Business English or just want to have a new friend, she is always a best choice. I just finished a 10-class package with her and booked another package without hesitation. She is very supportive, friendly and considerate. Every time I faced difficulties or any embarrassing moments on English, she can always build my confidence, and provide useful and practical ideas. If you have special needs on learning English, she can customize the class and share useful learning material, i.e. presentation skill, business email writing, meeting setup etc. If you have no plan for the class or just want to have an open talk, she can always bring interesting topics. If you can’t find an ideal time for the class, she can also find time to fit your time zone. Many thanks for all your help!!
Apr 4, 2022
Student Amanda
30 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Charnelle it's an excellent person and tutor! She's pacient and makes me fell comfortable during our lessons. There's always good topics to discuss but a little bit of fun as well 😆😆, it makes our lessons flow naturally. I'm seeing lots of improvement! I super recommend her.
Feb 27, 2022
Student Emerald
10 English lessons
This lesson is very helpful for business presentation:)
May 7, 2023
Student Leandro C
Leandro C
40 English lessons
Charnelle, I have no words to describe how much you’ve helped me to get better with my English skills. I had a presentation at my job and I nailed it thanks to Charnelle’s guidance!
Nov 21, 2022
Student Kirsty
33 English lessons
Sep 11, 2022
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