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Ulises Mendoza

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Tutor de idiomas con 4 años de experiencia, profesional y amigable con todos sin importar su nivel.
From MexicoLiving in Mexico City, Mexico (03:05 UTC-06:00)
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italki teacher since Sep 22, 2021
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Soy un estudiante mexicano que disfruta del aprendizaje, las relaciones sociales, la música y adquirir nuevos conocimientos cada día. Actualmente, estudio en una de las universidades más importantes de mi país. Me resulta fácil entablar conversaciones y me considero una persona amigable y extrovertida. Siento un gran amor por mi país, su idioma, así como sus costumbres y tradiciones I am a Mexican student who enjoys studying, socializing, and learning something new every day. I am currently studying at one of the most important universities in my country. I am easily able to start conversations and consider myself a friendly and outgoing person. I love my country, my language and traditions

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119 Reviews

Student Sheila Paliga
Sheila Paliga
256 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Ulises is a fantastic teacher. He makes the classes fun and engaging and has a genuine joy for teaching. He is very knowledgeable in grammar, music, culture, food, and I have yet to stump him with my obscure questions. He is passionate about his culture and I have learned so much! I highly recommend taking lessons with Ulises if you are a beginner , feeling stuck or wanting to have conversations. You won’t regret it!
Apr 22, 2022
Student Ginger
215 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Lessons with Ulises perfectly meet my needs as a Spanish language learner. The lessons are 100% effective. Ulises, as an instructor, is motivating and encouraging. I enjoy not just learning about the language, but the culture as well. He keeps it educational and very entertaining! Thank you Ulises.
Jan 26, 2022
Student Cole
6 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Ulises is a genuinely phenomenal instructor. He is incredibly attentive, adjusts the content of his classes to his students' needs (even when given very little notice beforehand - sorry, Ulises!), and creates a truly comfortable language-learning environment. I look forward to my next lesson with Ulises and highly recommend you schedule one with him, as well!
Oct 17, 2021
Student Ginger
215 Spanish lessons
I appreciate Ulises so much. He’s effective, flexible and is extremely intelligent in many areas. He’s definitely a master of Spanish grammar. I also love learning the culture lessons, which are a valuable bonus!
Apr 17, 2024
Student Nicholas Borner
Nicholas Borner
47 Spanish lessons
Siempre disfrutar a aprender de Ulises y conversando con el
Apr 13, 2024
Student Ginger
215 Spanish lessons
Ulises is a great teacher and conversationalist!
Mar 20, 2024
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