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Do you want to improve your confidence and fluency in SPANISH? lets get started!
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My name is Rosa and I am a 31 years old girl from Spain living in Copenangue. I am always positive and motivated, I have a contagious mood, and get easily along with other people. In my experience, this is essential to create an effective learning environment.

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Spanish Grammar for begginers
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Conversation and confidence building- Improve vocabulary, fluency and grammar
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Business spanish and interview preparation- Improve the way you communicate at work
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18 Reviews

Student Randi-Marie
1 Spanish lesson
I'm very happy with my lesson with Rosa. She's very easy to talk to and is very clear in what one needs to do to improve.
Apr 17, 2024
Student Kieran Croft
Kieran Croft
3 Spanish lessons
una primera clase genial!! Sin duda Rosa es una opción muy buena para aprender español ☺️
Apr 4, 2024
Student Caitlin
4 Spanish lessons
I really enjoy my classes with Rosa. She’s very warm and interactive. She’s also very encouraging and I already feel more confident in my Spanish after only a few lessons!
Mar 19, 2024
Student Anton Novoselov
Anton Novoselov
1 Spanish lesson
I like this lesson a lot. Rosa is a very knowledgeable and professional teacher. And she has great energy and enthusiasm! I got a lot from the lesson. Rosa highlighted a lot of my errors and provided super constructive and helpful feedback for me. I had my own custom agenda for this lesson. Rosa adapted the lesson to follow my agenda, and I appreciate this flexibility a lot! 🙏
Oct 11, 2023
Student Allen Chung
Allen Chung
94 Spanish lessons
Rosa is an excellent teacher! I am completely new to learning Spanish. Rosa is very patient and adjusts the skill level and pace accordingly. She is well prepared with learning materials and suggestions on how to improve your Spanish. Looking forward to more lessons!
Dec 15, 2022
Student Davide D. Pagni
Davide D. Pagni
6 Spanish lessons
Rosa es muy buena como profesora y quiere tener buena relacciòn con tigo, y este no es obvio. Te explica las cosas que sabes decir bien y te corige muy tranquilamente. Y tiene tiempo para contestarte si tienes algunas dudas cuando haces los ejercicios. Me ha encantado esto! Rosa is a very good teacher, she wants to have a good relationship with you (that's not obvious at all). She explains the rules of what you are in trouble with and she corrects you without any problem. And she has time to answer to your messages if you have any doubts when you do your homework. I really appreciate it!
Aug 30, 2022
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