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Teaching my native language to someone who admires Italian culture is something that I love to do. I like to establish a friendly relationship with all my students who are generally very curious and enthusiast people. Their curiosity and enthusiasm really motivate me to bring the best out of them!

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129 Reviews

Carolynne Geary
19 Italian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Francesco is an interesting, funny and demanding teacher for people who really want to learn and improve their Italian. He listened carefully to my needs and created a very detailed lesson (pdf exercises etc) on the grammar point I've been struggling with for months (despite having lessons with other teachers). Due to his background in linguistics he is also able to compare and contrast English and Italian which is surprisingly helpful. I thoroughly recommend him as a teacher both of the Italian language and aspects of social culture which we also discussed at length in our lesson.
Feb 3, 2024
33 Italian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Come sempre è stato un piacere parlare o più discutere con Francesco! Noi facciamo le lezioni insieme già da mesi ed ogni volta troviamo qualcosa da parlare per un ora senza preparazione. Oltre la sua straordinaria capacità di iniziare una conversazione e di alimentarla per la lezione io stimo soprattutto la sua abilità come insegnante di motivarmi a parlare il più possibile e farmi accorgere dei miei errori senza che io perda il filo del discorso. Ed anche i dieci minuti alla fine di ognuna lezione, dove riassumiamo le difficoltà che avevo con la grammatica o col vocabolario, sono utilissimi ed io aprendo sempre qualcosa di nuovo. Grazie infinite Francesco!
Jul 19, 2022
40 Italian lessons
Teacher’s pick
It's been about half a year when I've started learning Italian with Francesco. I've been learning also other languages here on italkie so I had various teachers. I can assure all of you that Francesco is definitely among the best on this platform. After these roughly 6 months I definitely made a progress in Italian (it's just hard to compare my level today and in January '22). It's thanks to Francesco - his skills, attitude, patience, character. I highly recommend him as a teacher. You will never feel disappointed. What is cooler to get to know the language of one of world's top countries?
Jul 5, 2022
Carolynne Geary
19 Italian lessons
Francesco is a fantastic teacher, highly recommended. Today we revised past lessons, discussed life in Sicily, the politics and culture, as well as many other aspects of Italian life.
Feb 7, 2024
George White
10 Italian lessons
Another ottimo lesson with Francesco. Always patient with me. Today, we had a few extra laughs as well. I enjoy his balance between fun discussion and structured teaching. As usual, highly recommend!
Oct 25, 2023
George White
10 Italian lessons
Another great lesson with Francesco. One thing I appreciate about Francesco is that he is always attentive and interactive. I have had tutors in the past that seem distracted and/or tired. This has never been the case with Francesco. You can tell that he takes tutoring seriously and does a great job. As always, I highly recommend!
Oct 11, 2023
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