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Hi. My name is Madina. I want to help you with learning Uzbek and Russian.
From UzbekistanLiving in Buchara, Uzbekistan (15:22 UTC+05:00)
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My lessons will be interesting and interactive. I will prepare an individual approach for you based on your level. Hi. My name is Madina. I am a native speaker of two languages, Russian and Uzbek. I can speak English as well. I am here to teach you Uzbek and Russian.

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Uzbek for beginners - Узбекский для начинающих
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Conversation practice
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Conversation Practice

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73 Reviews

Elise Brittain
70 Uzbek lessons
Teacher’s pick
My lessons with Madina have continued to be excellent! She is always on time and prepares excellent materials that are appropriate to my level and needs. Not only that, but the materials she brings to the lessons are interesting and engaging, and our topics of conversation in Uzbek are motivating and help me feel like I am conversing authentically in the target language. Madina is able to balance professionalism while building a good rapport; I feel like I am learning with someone who values learning about me and my ideas. This really enhances my ability to learn and feel comfortable using Uzbek. Thank you, Madina!
May 29, 2023
Stephan Logister
43 Uzbek lessons
Teacher’s pick
Thanks Madina. I enjoy a lot your classes. They are motivating and have a nice mix of exercises, gramar, reading and listing. She always prepares very well the class and leaves at the end amazing class notes that really helps when reviewing and practicing the topics. She helps me to improve my Russian and to start with the first steps in Uzbek. I highly recommend to try a class.
Jan 18, 2023
⭐️ Ryan Wonder
14 Uzbek lessons
Teacher’s pick
Once again, a very positive experience with Madina. I learnt a lot despite not having done my homework properly. She is fun but serious at the same time, she makes sure that we are studying fast enough and not just kidding around. Thank you and see you in two days :-) I recommend!
Nov 25, 2022
2 Uzbek lessons
Madina is a great teacher. I love her pace of lessons. Hope I get to memorize the grammatical rules!
Sep 20, 2023
Mark R
5 Uzbek lessons
Спасибо большое Мадина вы очень помогли найти нам нужную информацию в Ташкенте!!
Sep 19, 2023
2 Uzbek lessons
It was a great lesson. Look forward to taking our next one! Thank you very much, Madina
Sep 18, 2023
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