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Hi there! I'm Nipeksh, a passionate language teacher with a love for sharing the beauty of languages. As a native speaker of both Hindi and English and also have knowledge of Gujarati, Urdu and Sanskrit. I bring a deep understanding of these languages and cultures to my teaching. With over two years of experience on various online platforms, I've had the privilege of guiding learners their respective languages.

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Student Colibri
21 Hindi lessons
Teacher’s pick
I've booked many teachers on italki for various languages, including several for Hindi. Nipeksh is one of at least five Hindi teachers that I booked when I started learning. He's the one that I decided to continue with on a long term basis because he is amazing, hands down the best language teacher I've ever had. He is always very clear with his explanations and very attuned to my learning level and ability. He both teaches concepts and has me practice speaking. Some teachers do just one or the other, just teach without having any conversation practice or just insist on "natural" learning without any grammar explanations. Nipeksh provides both, ensuring optimal learning. He is very positive and encouraging. If you're learning fast, he will progress quickly through the material. If you need to slow down or go back to a previous topic, he'll do it without judgment or any kind of frustration unlike some other teachers. I wish I could find a Nipeksh for every language I'm interested in.
Jan 19, 2024
Student Adam
38 Hindi lessons
Teacher’s pick
Nipeksh is amazing! He's well prepared, fun to talk to, and has prepped me very well for my trip to India. I'm honestly shocked at how much I've learned from him in a short time (1.5 months) - I went from not understanding any Hindi at all to now knowing foundations of Hindi and can say many different types of sentences. Now I can even understand pieces of my partner's Hindi conversations! Thanks for being so flexible, helpful, and overall a really great teacher!
Sep 12, 2023
Student Jack Gallagher
Jack Gallagher
11 Gujarati lessons
Teacher’s pick
I started with Nipeksh as a beginner and after 6 lessons I already feel very comfortable conversing with Gujarati speakers. His pace for me is very good and provides homework to keep me engaged. Overall, he is a perfect tutor for anyone who is looking to learn Gujarati.
Jan 14, 2023
Student Shiva Velingker
Shiva Velingker
1 Hindi lesson
I learned a lot in the 30 minute lesson but I didn't like Nipeksh's teaching style at all. As someone who only knows bits and pieces of Hindi, he jumped straight into making me conjugate a verb 3 different ways, which was overwhelming. He also didn't really do any positive reinforcement. He was pretty blunt about telling me I was wrong with my conjugations -- even though this was my first time learning them. We jumped straight into the lesson and then ended abruptly without any discussion of a learning plan, my motivations, or next steps. It was too intense, and I felt really demotivated to learn Hindi as a result
Jun 24, 2024
Student Beatrice Dahl
Beatrice Dahl
1 Urdu lesson
I had a good lesson with teacher Nipeksh. He asked questions and explained the structure of how I learn based off my learning goals. His approach was helpful for me as a beginner, making the learning process engaging and informative.
May 23, 2024
Student Suraj ashok B
Suraj ashok B
10 Hindi lessons
Thank you Nipeksh Ji bahut sukriya aur accha lesson Pranaam
May 20, 2024
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