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Привет! My name is Nastia and let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a big aficionado of Linguistics and Public Diplomacy. I see teaching as a space between these two fields. On the one hand, I want to explore in depth the way people acquire languages and, on the other hand, I want to be an ambassador of Russian culture, to promote it through my language. I hope to be able to show Russia and Russians through my lens. With me, you would discover Russian literature, pop culture, history. We would break stereotypes and, what’s more important, we would carry out research on what makes russian people smile :)

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21 Russian lessons
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Another wonderful lesson! This one was a challenge, but a good one! I definitely need practice with cases, and doing it in sentences, seeing things in context, can be very helpful :) I also greatly appreciate your support and enthusiasm. It really motivates me and makes the lessons a lot of fun. Looking forward to the next one! :D
Mar 19, 2023
5 Russian lessons
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Such a great teacher and I love how organized she is! She applied what I needed out of the lesson which was to correct every mistake which some teachers have not done, and was well prepared/had lots of interesting topics to discuss, plus gave homework at the end which I am always looking for to motivate me outside of class. Would recommend Anastasiia to anyone!
Mar 9, 2023
11 Russian lessons
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This is my first lesson with Anastasiia and after introductions we launched straight into a challenging lesson. This is what I asked for and Anastasiia delivered. We are working with Russian Grammar. Verbs of Motion. It is a difficult subject but I am sure we can work through it together. Thank you!!
Oct 22, 2021
21 Russian lessons
Большое спасибо! I appreciate you being so accommodating and flexible, when I don't understand something, you really take the time to explain and break things down for me. I also really appreciate your patience as I try to remember or figure out what to say. Thank you for always challenging me but also cheering me on ;) <3
Jun 3, 2023
1 Russian lesson
An excellent teacher with a engaging and friendly demeanor. Super helpful with corrections too! Thank you Anastasiia!
Jun 2, 2023
Tim D
3 Russian lessons
Разговор с Настей очень хорошо влияет не только на уровень языка, а тоже на настроение!
May 31, 2023
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