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★ Since 2010, helping English speakers acquire and improve their Spanish speaking skills. ★
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italki teacher since Jul 5, 2015
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"Ready to Boost your Spanish skills and start speaking with confidence today? Don't worry if you don't have a lot of vocabulary yet, we'll get there together!" Hey there! I'm Javier, a professional teacher from Colombia with a passion for teaching Spanish. I've been helping young and adult learners of all levels since 2010, both in-person and online, in countries like the United Kingdom and Japan. My mission is to help you communicate effectively and with confidence, whether you're starting from scratch or striving for a C2 level. That's why I focus on the most common vocabulary and expressions used in real-life conversations and contexts, making learning Spanish fun and practical!

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1,317 Reviews

Katherine Saucedo
84 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Javier is by far the best Spanish Tutor I've had, and I've tried tutors from other platforms before iTalki. He is personable, patient, and his teaching style is ideal for online learners. I dont think other students, or other tutors for that matter, give thought to that. Javier uses a PDF to capture areas you need to review/study so that you can improve. July mark's the 2nd year that I've been taking lessons with Javier and I have definitely progressed with my Spanish. I can now confidently add "Spanish speaker" on my resume thanks to Javier.
Aug 31, 2023
425 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Javier me ha ayudado con mi español por 5 años. Cada conversación con Javier es muy divertida, interesante, e informativa. Si estás buscando un tutor para mejorar tu español o si estás comenzando desde cero, te lo recomendaría. Gracias a Javier, he tenido la oportunidad para viajar a varios lugares en Latinoamérica y poner en juego mi español en situaciones reales e interactuar con los nativos. Ha sido una experiencia increíble. Gracias Javier!!
Jul 8, 2023
Gerry Hamberg
636 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Thank you for helping me advance so much in my speaking and grammar. Every lesson is fun with new revisons and challenges. Gracias por ayudarme a avanzar tanto en mi discurso y gramática. Cada lección es divertida con nuevas revisones y desafíos.
Oct 11, 2018
Katherine Saucedo
84 Spanish lessons
Another great lesson with Javier ! Javier has helped me improve my Spanish.
Dec 7, 2023
Janet Pomerantz
265 Spanish lessons
Javier is a kind and patient teacher. He is creative and knows how to promote conversation. I always enjoy talking with him.
Nov 25, 2023
Janet Pomerantz
265 Spanish lessons
Javier is a kind and patient teacher. He promotes conversation, and he makes learning enjoyable. He is a joy to work with.
Oct 30, 2023
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