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italki teacher since Oct 7, 2021
Do you want to practice your pronunciation? Do you want to feel confident when conversing in English? Do you want an English tutor who is patient, encouraging and supportive? My name is Sinenhlahla, but you can call me Sneh, I understand pronouncing my name can prove problematic. I am from South Africa. In my spare time I love reading books, playing games and learning about different cultures and cuisines. I have been teaching English online now for almost a year and it has been a beautiful experience. I love laughing so you bet comedy is my favorite thing, my favorite comedian is Trevor Noah and guess what my favorite book is? yep Born a Crime by Trevor Noah.

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27 Reviews

Student Anton Abrosymov
Anton Abrosymov
1 English lesson
Teacher’s pick
Had a pleasure talking with Sneh, the conversation was funny and pleasant. I didn't notice how the lesson time passed.
Nov 13, 2022
Student Aline Siqueira Berti
Aline Siqueira Berti
10 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Fiz uma aula teste e amei a professora, vou continuar com certeza!
Nov 10, 2022
Student Ján Em
Ján Em
44 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Teacher Sneh tutors my 7 years old daughter. Linda started as an absolute beginner. The lessons are full of joy and Linda fancy the way how Sneh teaches. Prior to each lesson Linda is asked to do easy homework which helps her to repeat what she has learned or prepare for the next lesson. My target for the first 3 months was to get Linda engaged with English, to start listening with understanding and to slowly expand basic vocabulary. I must say that Sneh got Linda's attention and we are looking forward to the next lessons with her! Last but not least teacher Sneh has fast internet connection on her side which secures that lessons go smooth which is extra important especially when teaching beginners. 5 stars teacher. *****.
Jul 25, 2022
Student Alejandro Quevedo
Alejandro Quevedo
5 English lessons
As always, Sneh was excellent, the best disposition, understanding and support. Thank you so muchhhh
Oct 12, 2023
Student Alejandro Quevedo
Alejandro Quevedo
5 English lessons
She is a fantastic teacher!
Sep 26, 2023
Student Tuomas
21 English lessons
Thank you for the lesson!
Jul 12, 2023
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