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Let's have a fun conversation in Japanese with me! I will help you to speak Japanese like a native speaker. こんにちは わたしのなまえは【みさと】です。 Hello,everyone ! My name is 【Misato】. Thank you for taking the time to look at my profile. I'm a Native speaker Japanese from Hokkaido⛄ Currently,I live in France. My hobbies are reading📚, watching anime and movies🎬, cooking and making sweets 🍰 わたしも外国語を勉強しています。 -I'm also studying a foreign language. だから、日本語を勉強している人の気持ちがとてもよくわかります。 -I understand the feelings of learners very well. フランス語(ご)と 英語(えいご)の会話(かいわ)も 少(すこ)しできます. -I speak English and French a little. 一緒(いっしょ)に たのしく『日本語(にほんご)』をまなびましょう! -Let's have fun learning Japanese together!

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【Trial Lesson】🌸Students taking my lessons for the first time🌸
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Conversation Practice

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【🌸👨💬Free Conversation lesson 👩💬🌸 】
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Conversation Practice

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167 Reviews

Student AT8121
61 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
a wonderful and competent teacher
May 16, 2024
Student Sam Bara
Sam Bara
150 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Misa-san est une professeure de japonais exceptionnelle. Elle est patiente et s'adapte à votre niveau pour vous enseigner le mieux possible. Chaque leçon est instructive et à la fois divertissante. Les cours sont vraiment intéressants et ponctués de moments de convivialité et d'humour, tout en me permettant d'approfondir mon apprentissage du japonais. Misa-san est de loin la meilleure enseignante de japonais que j'aie eu le plaisir d'avoir. Si vous envisagez de suivre des cours avec elle, je vous garantis que vous ne serez pas déçu(e). Misa-san is an exceptional Japanese teacher. She is patient and adapts to your level to teach you effectively. Every lesson is informative and entertaining. The classes are truly engaging, filled with a good atmosphere, while also allowing me to deepen my Japanese learning. Misa-san is by far the best Japanese teacher I've had the pleasure of learning from. If you're considering taking classes with her, I guarantee you won't be disappointed. / 感謝しています!
Apr 21, 2024
Student Deavion デアヴィオン
Deavion デアヴィオン
20 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Misa san is one of the best teachers I've had when it comes to learning Japanese. Her energetic personality helps you move through the conversation even if you barely understand it. I will continue booking lessons from her as she keeps helping me during my language journey.
Apr 5, 2024
Student Jami M
Jami M
11 Japanese lessons
Always a great experience!
May 14, 2024
Student Jami M
Jami M
11 Japanese lessons
Thank you Misa -San for your patience and support while I practice grammar 😂😅
May 7, 2024
Student Debbie
4 Japanese lessons
Misa Sensei's leason was excellent. We reviewed Hiragana and practiced Japanese conversation. Thank you very much!
May 2, 2024
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