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I try to make the lessons about using your head and expressing yourself, rather than just learning.
From JapanLiving in Nagoya, Japan (11:49 UTC+09:00)
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italki teacher since Dec 27, 2021
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こんにちは! My name is Shogo. I am from Gifu Prefecture, Japan. Now I live in Aichi Prefecture. I have been teaching Japanese since I graduated from university. I currently teach online from home and at a Japanese language school in Nagoya. My hobbies include playing the bass guitar, watching sports games, and driving. Since childhood, I have played a variety of sports, including swimming, tennis, football, and table tennis. I studied language in the UK twice during my university years. (Edinburgh, Norwich) So I also like the UK. My university major is religious culture. I wrote my graduation thesis on the relevance and impact of heavy metal and religion.

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Japanese Speaking Activities
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24 Reviews

Student Rafy
3 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Shogo-sensei is very thoughtful in his lessons. Preparation, medias through which he teaches new vocabulary or concepts... I think that he will tailor to your needs every lesson he prepares. I strongly recommend Shogo-sensei to anyone that has a specific intention thought learning Japanese !
Jul 2, 2023
Student ngduflo
6 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
My lesson with Shogo-sensei was very useful! We did some talking games which I need to improve my fluency in Japanese. Shogo-sensei is skilled, patient, and he adapted the lesson to my intermediate level. I highly recommend this teacher :)
Jun 28, 2023
Student Alex Logan
Alex Logan
8 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Shogo Sensei had some really good activities planned for our lesson that he had made. It was a super fun lesson!
Oct 6, 2022
Student Patricia Shinkawa
Patricia Shinkawa
1 Japanese lesson
I took one of "Japanese Speaking Activities" and I loved how this methology made me force to think in another ways to speak in japanese. Thank you for your patience Shogo sensei. Definitely I am going to book another class.
Mar 8, 2024
Student Eline
2 Japanese lessons
This was my first italki lesson ever. I had a total black-out but Shogo was very kind and encouraged me to keep speaking Japanese. Will definitely book another lesson!
Jan 7, 2024
Student Bim
5 Japanese lessons
I like that it's a game where I am forced to talk and explain.
Oct 22, 2023
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