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✨English tutor with 5 years of experience! 한국어도 가능합니다 ✨
From United StatesLiving in Seoul, Republic of Korea (16:49 UTC+09:00)
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italki teacher since Feb 27, 2022
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Hello! **Note: I am a HEAVILY TATTOOED individual. Please be aware of this.** Hello! My name is Brianna, and I currently reside in the vibrant city of Seoul, South Korea, though my roots trace back to the heart of Texas. With a standard American accent, I specialize in helping learners achieve clear pronunciation and expressive intonation in English. Beyond teaching, my passions include diving into a good book, exploring the great outdoors through hiking, satisfying my wanderlust with travel adventures, and staying active with activities l 안녕하세요! **전 문신 많습니다. 참고하세요!** 저는 브리아나라고 합니다. 한국에서 사는 텍사스에서 태어난 미국여자입니다. 저는 표준 미국 방언으로 말하며 발음과 억양이 명확합니다. 제 한국어 실력이 완벽하지 않지만 영어 실력이 늘어지도록 도와드릴 자신이 있습니다.

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42 Reviews

Student Rose Wang
Rose Wang
1 English lesson
Teacher’s pick
Brianna is really nice and friendly. We talked about some interesting topics, and I felt very happy and enjoyed in the process, without any anxiety and stress. Talking with her is full of pleasure. It was an awesome conversation. And she is so nice! Looking forward to our next meeting. See you soon!
Feb 20, 2024
Student Inguk Jee
Inguk Jee
2 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
We talked about so many topics including the article. Even though we couldn't finish whole questions prepared, I enjoyed the class. it didn't feel like the class, It feels like I talk to my friends living another world. Hope we can see again and talk to you later about what you've been doing
May 16, 2023
Student Khan
6 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Brianna is a very passionate teacher. If you find it difficult to talk about something new, or if you want to talk about something funny, she will be a very good choice!
Mar 12, 2022
Student Yeonhong
1 English lesson
Thank you so much for the lesson today! It was my first time and I got nervous, but she made me relax! I had a really good and fun time with her! She's a really great teacher! I highly recommend her! :)
Jul 12, 2024
Student Hazel Chan
Hazel Chan
1 English lesson
一个很可爱的老师 会善于引导我表达 下次再来😚
Jan 26, 2024
Student 윤성준
111 English lessons
Dec 13, 2023
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