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Hi everyone! I'm Akihisa! ・Certified Japanese Teacher📄 ・Teaching Japanese online for more than 2 years🧑‍💻 ・Teaching at a Japanese language school in Tokyo🧑‍🏫🏫 ☆Topics that we can talk about forever and I love ・NBA (Boston Celtics☘️) ・Rock Bands (AC/DC, Rancid, RHCP...) ・R&B (Aaliyah, The Internet, Emotional Oranges...) ・HIPHOP (Kendrick Lamar, Nas, Vince Staples...) ・HUNTER×HUNTER, Yu Yu Hakusho and Level E ・JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE ・SLAM DUNK🏀 ・Neon Genesis Evangelion🟢🟣 ・Breaking Bad&Better Call Saul ・Brooklyn Nine-Nine👮 ・Stankey Kubrick👁️ ☆Countries I’ve been to; Dublin, Ireland 🇮🇪 Boston, U.S🇺🇸

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【日本語フリートーク】〜気軽に楽しく会話♪〜 全てのレベルで対応可能/【Free Talk in Japanese】〜Let's enjoy talking in Japanese♪〜 All level students welcomed
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Let's learn basic Japanese with Irodori! いろどりで日本語を基礎からしっかり学ぶ!
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75 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
I've taken nearly 30 lessons with Akihisa-Sensei now, and we've recently finished the first textbook. I was scared to take Japanese lessons at first because of my busy work schedule and not having a lot of time/energy to study. Akihisa encourages mistakes and happily makes corrections as needed. He provides extremely detailed homework/study sheets after each lessons and can easily switch lesson formats as needed. I would have never had the confidence to continue learning as an adult if it had not been for Akihisa. If you're considering taking Japanese lessons trust me- if you go with Akihisa-sensei your investment will be worth it!
Jul 26, 2022
30 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Akihisa先生 is a great teacher that really helps me get better in speaking, grammar, vocabulary and gaining confidence in outputting Japanese. He encourages me to speak a lot by asking good questions and being a patient listener. His explanations are easy to understand and the feedback and homework afterwards is super valuable. It also helps to have some common interests like the NBA and movies :) I highly recommend Akihisa先生 and looking forward to many more lessons!
Jul 9, 2022
Lucca Saraiva
21 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
I am finishing my last lesson package with Akihisa-san, and I can safely say he is the best teacher I have ever had at Italki. First of all, the flow of the class is very good, Akihisa-san natrually slows or speeds up the conversation depending how the conversation is going. I also feel confident on taking risks with more difficult sentences, since his in-class feedback is very good, it doesn't stop the flow of the conversation, but helps you understand the point you missed. Also after every class Akihisa-san sends me a very organized and useful feedback with relevant lesson points, like grammar or vocabulary I missed, or that he thinks will help me out. For sure will continue with the classes, since I feel my japanese has improved since I started my lessons.
Jun 1, 2022
Nathan Franklin
1 Japanese lesson
Akihisa was very helpful. he asked me questions and i tried to give responses but he would help me whenever i got stuck (which was every sentence!).
Nov 29, 2023
3 Japanese lessons
A truly outstanding teacher. Lessons and materials presented are always eyeopening and thought-provoking, leading to some really interesting discussions around fun topics. Lots of effort go into the feedback you get afterwards too. Highly recommended!
Nov 27, 2023
David Maxam
19 Japanese lessons
I’ve been learning with Akihisa san for months now. He has taken me from no speaking ability at all and now we are having fun and engaging basic conversations. He is super encouraging and I always learn and grow in each lesson. He’s truly a great teacher, I would highly recommend him.
Nov 21, 2023
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