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British TEFL English Teacher (Adults & Children) - Lessons designed to fit your needs.
From United KingdomLiving in San Jose, United States (07:28 UTC-07:00)
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italki teacher since Oct 15, 2021
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I am British but have been living in the USA for the last five years

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English Fluency (listening and speaking)
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Written English support (reading and writing)
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Child lessons (general, reading, writing, listening, speaking, assessment)
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Test Preparation

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184 Reviews

Student Angel Lau
Angel Lau
13 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Mr. Dave is the best English teacher I have ever had and my daughter is lucky to have him. Although he is a Westerner and we are Easterners, he knows how to communicate with my daughter and break the ice. He always brings a lot of laughter to my daughter. My daughter appreciates Teacher Dave’s way of communication with her a lot. He respects Chinese. Mr. Dave has a kind heart. He is also a very capable and resourceful person. He loves students and is keen to spread positivity and genuinely enjoy teaching. The learning environment is fun and encouraging. He is truly a respectable and passionate educator that really moves me.
Apr 20, 2024
Student Qiushuang
55 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
I’ve been studying with Dave for over a year now, and I can confidently say that he’s been an incredible teacher throughout this journey. Dave is exceptionally patient and responsible. He has been instrumental in improving both my spoken English and reading comprehension skills. Together, we’ve explored a wide range of materials, including news articles and scientific texts, which have significantly expanded my vocabulary and deepened my understanding of English usage. One thing I really appreciate about Dave is his dedication to explaining English vocabulary thoroughly, often using real-life examples to reinforce my learning. His classes are always lively and engaging, and he effortlessly adjusts his teaching style to suit my individual learning needs. For instance, he has been invaluable in helping me structure presentations and incorporate cohesive elements like transitional phrases. Overall, I highly recommend Dave to anyone looking to improve their English skills.
Apr 9, 2024
Student Anna
103 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
我們住在香港,一直以來我們也以身為中國人為驕傲,Teacher Dave也一直非常尊重我們中國文化和傳統,這三年多以來我們跟Dave上了一百多節課,我們上至天文下至地理都聊過,大家看看評價就知道他的學生來自世界各地,很多學生來自中國,給的全是一面倒的好評。 我們跟老師的時區是顛倒的,但我跟朋友寧願早點起床也要上他的課,因為他是我們遇過最專業的英語老師,每節課他總是竭盡全力把最好的知識和學習方法傳授給學生,我的小孩也因為有他的專業指導順利考獲B2 first Grade A的佳績。要不是因為有滿腔教學熱誠,哪裏會有英美老師收取這樣相宜的價錢去給你上課?大家都知道外面的英美老師上一節課是200 HKD 起,希望那些動不動就拿種族歧視作話題的人,真的不要再出來丟我們中國人的臉了。 We lived in HK, Over the past 3 years, We have had more than 100 lessons with Teacher Dave, he has always respected our Chinese culture & traditions as he has students from all over the world & many students are from China too. Everyone has overwhelming praise for Teacher Dave which he truly deserved. He is the most professional English teacher we have ever met. He does his best to teach in every class and imparted the best knowledge & learning methods to his students and my child successfully got Grade A in B2 first Cambridge exam by Teacher Dave's professional guidance. I hope those who always use racism as a topic will stop embarrass us Chinese.
Apr 8, 2024
Student Tomas M
Tomas M
16 English lessons
His sense of humor adds a great fun to our sessions, making learning enjoyable. I appreciate his honest feedback, which has significantly contributed to my progress. I highly recommend Dave to anyone looking for effective and enjoyable English lessons.
May 7, 2024
Student Melody
1 English lesson
A good teacher👍
May 5, 2024
Student Costanza
12 English lessons
Dave is always a so empathic and fantastic teacher!!
May 3, 2024
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