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Hi everybody! I am Stephie, an experienced language teacher for more than 15 years and Mom of 2. Come on a journey with me through Germany, Austria and Switzerland to make you experience language and culture first hand! I currently live in the beautiful Palantine region in the southwest of Germany and love spending time outdoors. I have got the Goethe certificate to teach German as a foreign language and a university degree in education as well as a bachelor's degree in social works. Apart from my professional background you will have a conversation partner with lots of interests such as sports, literature and history.

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Conversation Class: Speak up! Wir sprechen Deutsch! (Adults)
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General German for beginners and intermediate A1- B2 (Adults)
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Test preparation A1- C1 (Adults)
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28 Reviews

Student Andrey Bakhmatov
Andrey Bakhmatov
98 German lessons
Teacher’s pick
Immer perfekt!
Jan 23, 2024
Student Goryacheva Evgeniya
Goryacheva Evgeniya
13 German lessons
Teacher’s pick
Stephie ist eine sehr erfahrene und talentierte Lehrerin. Wir haben unseren Unterricht in der Mitte meines Buches begonnen (weil ich mit andere Lehrerin studiert habe) und sie konnte sowohl nachholen als auch ihre eigenen Materialien zur Verfügung stellen. Außerdem ist sie sehr charmant und nett, ich warte immer nach unserer Unterricht.
Feb 22, 2023
Student Alessia
21 German lessons
Another great lesson with Stephie, I really can’t recommend her enough!!
Apr 25, 2024
Student Alessia
21 German lessons
If I slowly start to feel more confident and without the fear of making mistakes, I owe it to Stephi who always puts me at ease. Each lesson increases my knowledge and I begin to formulate my first sentences on my own. Thank you very much Stephie!
Feb 22, 2024
Student Alessia
21 German lessons
After several month with Stephie I can say for sure that she is the best German teacher I've founf here in Italki. She is always prepared and she follows me step by step, she is always helpful and tries to explain me all the rules in the easiest way possible. She makes me feel comfortable and i really enjoy all the lessons with her. And nevertheless, he always takes care to send me exercises which we then review together in the next lesson. Thank you very much Stephie!
Jan 25, 2024
Student Alessia
21 German lessons
It was difficult for me to find a teacher who would follow me step by step in learning German, but luckily I found Stephie! He is patient, his lessons are always different and well prepared and he makes me feel at ease even if I make a lot of mistakes trying to speak. She also always provides me homework for the next class. I really reccomend her classes!
Nov 30, 2023
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