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Fabio Marsanz

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Welcome on Board to your Spanish Adventure ;] !!
From SpainLiving in Almeria, Spain (12:11 UTC+02:00)
About Me
italki teacher since Nov 19, 2021
Interest topicAnimation & ComicsHistoryFilms & TV SeriesGamingEnvironment & Nature
Super Hello!! My name is Fabio, I am a School English teacher in the morning and a Spanish teacher certified as an Official DELE Examiner by "Instituto Cervantes" in the afternoon ^.^. I also like to describe myself as a history and mythology lover (just for fun ;]), and an ocasional ship skipper and diver with a geek point.

Spanish Lessons

Trial Lesson
28 lessons completed
USD 12.00+
Start learning your dreamed Spanish with your first babysteps (A1-A2)
A1 -  A2


256 lessons completed
USD 19.00
Package with 6% off
Sharp your Spanish so that nobody could resist your speech!! (B1)
B1 -  B2


192 lessons completed
USD 19.00
Package with 6% off
Podrías pasarte horas habando español, y lo sabes (B2-C2)
B2 -  C2


59 lessons completed
USD 19.00
Package with 6% off
Bienvenidos a la Costa del Sol (B1-B2)
B1 -  B2


30 lessons completed
USD 19.00
Package with 6% off
DELE preparation with official certified examinator
A1 -  C2

Test Preparation

87 lessons completed
USD 19.00+
Package with 9% off
Spanish Conversation Focus
A1 -  C2

Conversation Practice

87 lessons completed
USD 16.00+
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38 Reviews

Student Amy Trick
Amy Trick
51 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
I've now had almost 50 classes with Fabio, and it has been and is always a pleasure to learn with him. He's a great conversationalist and is patient with my struggles with grammar or my nuanced questions. I like to talk about a lot of varied topics, and he helps keep the conversation on all of the themes well tailored to my level of understanding. Classes with him feel like hanging out with a good friend, while learning Spanish, and I'd highly recommend him to other students.
May 2, 2024
Student Gina
31 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
When we first began our lessons, my level of Spanish was absolutely zero. But now I can handle simple day-to-day situations, and even have phone calls. Not ideally of course, but the most important thing – now I’m not afraid to speak Spanish! Not to mention the lessons are always interesting and interactive, the perfect ballance of studying and having fun 🙂 Thank you, Fabio!
Sep 25, 2023
Student Will Clewett
Will Clewett
188 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Fabio is a great teacher. The lesson plans are super helpful to expand your knowledge of both verbs and vocabulary. Each class moves a at nice pace which allows you to master each unit.
Dec 19, 2022
Student Den Belkovski
Den Belkovski
3 Spanish lessons
great lesson ,a little game palying, some song lyrics and lots of fun 😁
May 16, 2024
Student Horatio
18 Spanish lessons
Fabio is responsible, professional and humorous. He can use English to describe the difficult situation in Spanish to make it understand easier based on his English teacher background. So grateful to learn with him!
Apr 8, 2024
Student Xulei Yang
Xulei Yang
11 Spanish lessons
The trial lesson is well structured and provided good feedback about my Spanish. Communicated some doubts and questions. Thank you!
Mar 28, 2024
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