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italki teacher since Oct 21, 2021
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I consider myself as an outgoing, multidimensional person, who finds life a continuous learning process that takes place ONLY through making mistakes and trying to fix them and making new mistakes again! I have three major interests namely, arts(visual arts mostly), philosophy and mathematics which makes language learning (which is an amazing mixture of the three) one of my greatest hobbies ^^ . I have a BS degree in mathematics and am currently working as a traditional painting artist and language tutor at the same time. I love nature, traveling, mountain climbing, movies, books and learning things I don't know anything about!

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Step by Step Farsi
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Persian Literature ^^
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Farsi for Kids ^^
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71 Reviews

sommieh flower
6 Persian (Farsi) lessons
Golnoosh is very patient. Even if i can only speak a few words, mixed with English, she helps me learn what i need to say in any given situation. She is easy to talk with abd puts me at ease.
May 23, 2023
sommieh flower
6 Persian (Farsi) lessons
Excellent. Golnoosh is a great teacher, very easy to talk with.
May 18, 2023
48 Persian (Farsi) lessons
Golnoosh is a wonderfully friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated teacher! She has helped me immensely to increase my Farsi from almost nothing to being able to hold basic conversations. I would recommend her to anyone! I am continuing to work with her to develop my skills further. Her approach is well-rounded (vocabulary, grammar, expressions, reading, writing, etc) - I chose to learn the Persian alphabet with her and am doing basic reading now as part of the lessons. She has focused on the areas of language learning that are important to me and also makes suggestions about what to focus on. Golnoosh is a highly knowledgeable and skillful teacher with a deep understanding of Farsi as well as languages generally.
May 12, 2023
7 Persian (Farsi) lessons
Great lesson! Golnoosh had prepared materials that were interesting and fit my level. She was very patient and corrected mistakes in a helpful manner.
Apr 29, 2023
1 Persian (Farsi) lesson
My son liked his first lesson with Golnoosh. I will definitely book more lessons with her. Than you Golnoosh
Apr 12, 2023
Cisco Montanez
16 Persian (Farsi) lessons
Another productive lesson with Golnoosh! Our classes cover a wide range of topics and Golnoosh is always friendly and professional. Highly recommended.
Jan 21, 2023
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