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italki teacher since May 1, 2022
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Hey! How is it going? Don't say anything! Let me guess. You want to improve your English, am I right? You see! I'm a professional English teacher with a bachelor's degree in teaching English. I SENSE my students. I use Cambridge and Oxford programs, but I do it through 1) Marvel films and TV series! 2) Romantic novels and horror stories! 3) YouTube videos and video games! Besides all that, I enjoy hiking. Unfortunately I live in a city, so I have to enjoy working out and reading instead of traveling and hiking.

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38 Reviews

Student Vladimir
28 English lessons
I'm pleased with my choice. Evgeny helped me improve my skills, even though I already had a high level when I came here. I am 47 and passed the TOEFL iBT with 80 points before starting classes with Evgeny. In a month and a half, I obtained a score of 92, and this is enough for me now. With Evgeny, I got more than just language practice: 1. He pointed out mistakes in my speaking that I had made all my life, thinking that I spoke correctly. It's valuable, believe me. 2. He explained how to develop my skills without following the wrong goals. We sometimes simplify or complicate our speaking and mix accents. Evgeny helps me eliminate all this. 3. He revealed helpful techniques and information resources that will help you continue to improve your English without his help in the future. You know what, classes with Evgeny influenced not only my speaking but also my English in general. He's a professional. I highly recommend you take a class from him. Don't hesitate, just do it!
Mar 8, 2024
Student Leonid
4 English lessons
Первый урок понравился и воодушевил, планирую изучение с этим преподавателем
Nov 29, 2023
Student Andy
32 English lessons
Le professeur est très sympathique fait de bon lien pour bien faire comprendre la matière
Oct 7, 2023
Student Daniil Maslov
Daniil Maslov
11 English lessons
Evgeny is a very kind person with excellent experience and a positive mindset. He knows FCE structure exam pretty well and has a strategy to prepare for it.
Sep 3, 2023
Student Ainur Akhtyamov
Ainur Akhtyamov
16 English lessons
Прекрасно провели беседу. Ожидал, что будет тяжело начать разговор с незнакомым мне преподавателем, но все было легко и продуктивно. Получил полезные советы и наставления для дальнейшего обучения. Однозначно рекомендую!
Jul 17, 2023
Student Vitaliy
137 English lessons
Занимаюсь около трех месяцев с Евгением. Начинал с того, что не знал «could, was, will». Толком ничего не мог сказать в ресторане, не говорю уже об общение с иностранцем. Вот прошло 3 месяца. Около недели назад я встретил англоязычную девушку в своем дворе. Разговорились, на англ конечно, болтали минут 40. Естественно слова подбирал, иногда тупил, но Я ОБЩАЛСЯ, понимал ее и сам выражался, даже шутил. Еще с другим англ язычным человеком щас общаюсь в телеге, я переводчик почти не использую. Благодарен Евгению уроки и I’m going to continue learning Eng with him
Jun 30, 2023
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